About Non Sequiturs

Non Sequiturs is the personal blog of Michael Argentini, Founder and Managing Partner, Technology and Design, at Fynydd LLC.

This WordPress blog contains news, commentary, recipes, and nonsense, all of which you would get from me on a daily basis if you had the pleasure of my company. The clear benefit here is that you can read my ramblings in bits and pieces at your leisure.

Who Am I?

At Fynydd, I manage all aspects of human interface design and user experience. Unlike many design professionals, I’m also a software engineer who has been developing custom application software since 1983. This gives me a unique view into design possibilities based on a given technology’s strengths and limitations.

I happily live in the suburbs of the Philadelphia metropolitan area with my wife Gwen and our four children.

What Have I Done?

I’ve worked for several companies including one of the world’s largest investment management companies, as well as starting my own software design firm, Mezzocode. During that time I worked with a broad range of clients including Intel Corporation, Wyeth-Ayerst, Iron Chef Bobby Flay, and Comcast SportsNet. Additionally, my work has been featured in USA Today, the Cyberworld.ca Tech Minute, various television ads, and Smart Computing Magazine.


The cornerstone of my design philosophy is one word: Wabi-sabi. This term represents a comprehensive Japanese aesthetic view of beauty in natural simplicity, which embraces the notion that nothing lasts and nothing is finished, among other concepts. In my user-centric design and development approach this is manifested in an elegant yet simple design that is highly usable and intuitive, and is maintained with constant quality improvement as the primary, ongoing focus.

I’m also a vocal atheist. I created and write for the Secular Totem blog, which supports civic equality for those with a naturalistic worldview free of supernatural and mystical elements.