2012 Is The Year of the Bible in Pennsylvania? Are You Shitting Me?

House Resolution 535 in Pennsylvania, sponsored by Rep. Rick Saccone (R), declares the year 2012 as the ‘Year of the Bible’. Are you shitting me?

I Was Once Big in Canada

Back in the late 1990’s I had a shareware (software) side business named M2 Software, which was later rebranded as PocketKaos. Shortly after the year 2000 Scott James, the host of the Cyberworld.ca radio show, called to let me know that he was going to review one of my apps. It was named Zipcat Pro […]

An Open Letter to the NTSB Regarding Distracted Driving

Dear NTSB, I recently read your recommendation concerning the complete ban of mobile phone use while vehicles are being driven. I’ve even heard talk of the potential use of technology to disable mobile phones entirely while a vehicle is in motion. The evidence for the dangers of distracted driving are quite compelling. One such statistic […]

Set the Creation and Modification Date of a File in OS X Using the Terminal

You can use the OS X developer tool SetFile on the command line to change a file’s create or modification date, but you must first install the developer tools (Xcode) from the OS X installation media, or by download from the Mac App Store first.

Improve Battery Life on iPhones and iPads Running iOS 5

Since the release of iOS 5 many people have reported issues with their battery life. Some have reportedly lost 20-30% of their run time. This problem has even affected the new iPhone 4S, which has a clean install of the operating system. Herein is a list of observations and recommendations for improving battery life on devices running iOS 5.

How to Enable ReadyBoost in Windows 7 When Your System Disk is Too fast

The problem I had was that when my Windows Experience Index was calculated, the virtual hard disk was performing too quickly, and ReadyBoost was disabled by the system. After searching high and low, and even trying to fudge my Windows Experience Index disk score, I found success…

How to Properly Enjoy a Slurpee or Icee

Over the years I’ve discovered some interesting ways to maximize the enjoyment of these frozen beverages, and have compiled a list of tips to help those less seasoned in enjoying this exquisite treat.

Get Visual Studio 2010 Building in a VMware Fusion Virtual Machine

When working with Visual Studio solutions located on a VMware network share (\vmware-host*), you’ll likely run into various security issues. Here are some tips for the most common issue, “failed to start monitoring changes” build error.

The best file compression app to use in OS X

There are a plethora of great file compression tools for OS X, including the built-in Archive Utility. These programs take one or more files or folders and compress them into a single (or segmented) archive that can more easily be transfered and expanded later. But when should you use each tool?

iPad 2 front-facing camera angle off. Bad batch or design flaw?

After using the iPad 2 for a while and finally exploring the new cameras, which are horrible by the way, I noticed that the front-facing camera is set at an odd angle.