It’s e-mail, with a hyphen

As you can see, I prefer to spell the term e-mail with a hyphen. But I’m often told by peers in the industry that it should be spelled without the hyphen, as email. I intend to put an end to this debate here.

The Days Are Numbered for E-mail Right? Not So Fast.

Ask many technology pundits about the future of e-mail as a communication tool and you’ll likely hear that its days are numbered. They’ll cite inefficiency, spam, phishing scams, and information overload as prime offenders. They’re not wrong. These are certainly problems that plague e-mail as a means of communication. But does that mean that e-mail is going away?

WordPress iOS App Erratic When Site ATOM Feed Does Not Validate

After toiling with the Wordpress app on my iPad and getting varied, erratic behavior, culminating in the app not being able to connect to my blog at all, I discovered that it uses the ATOM feed to read in content. If this feed does not validate in the W3C validator the app acts looney.

A User-Centric Design and Development Manifesto

In order for a rich Web 2.0 experience to support a productive workforce, a user-centric design and development approach must be followed. And at the core of this pattern is a principle that can be summarized using the term “wabi-sabi.”

iPhoto 9.0 Needs a Cray-1 Farm

This version has some great additions, like full-screen mode, simplified and elegant e-mail features, and the new letter press cards. But it’s all overshadowed by the fact that this application needs a Cray-1 farm to run at an acceptable speed.

JungleDisk 3.0 Ups and Downs

JungleDisk has long been my favorite front-end to Amazon S3, and the combination has been my choice for cloud storage (backups, etc.). When I bought in, the application was $25, and you got a version for Mac OS X, Windows (even x64), and Linux, all for that low price.

HTML Entity Quick Reference for Greek Characters

The following table gives the character entity reference, decimal character reference, and hexadecimal character reference for symbols and Greek letters, as well as the rendering of each in your browser.

EPSON Artisan 810 a Bi-Function, not Multi-Function, Device

I was in a local OfficeMax, looking at an EPSON Artisan 810 all-in-one (Print, Scan. FAX, Copy), which came in a box covered with text and imagery detailing all of the amazing features it has. Mistake.

Michael’s Tomato Blush Sauce

This recipe came about as many do, as I use the contents of our cabinet to determine what to make. It’s like one of those television shows, like “Chopped”, where a chef is given a basket with 5 ingredients, and told to make an entree in a half hour. If I could just arrange for some prize money…

How to Read a Binary File Over HTTP and Write to Disk Using ASP.NET and C#

Have you ever had the need to grab a binary file from a remote server over HTTP, and save it to your server, using ASP.NET?