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At a 2024 #Iowa #Republican Primary caucus site in Council Bluffs, the votes were read from folded pieces of paper in a popcorn bucket.

At some locations, voters wrote their choice on a brightly colored 3x5 card.

At another site, a #CNN reporter watched as workers ran out of ballots and were handing out pieces of yellow legal paper for voters to record their choice.

Tell me again how the #GOP can possibly claim to be the party of election integrity.

Jan 25

CNN giving Trump a national stage is bad enough. But the audience laughter about his liability for sexual assault, and at the victim, is truly sickening.

#CNN #Trump #EJeanCarroll #politics #opinion

May 11, 2023

When #CNN reports that Paul Pelosi was attacked by a hammer, it means that a hammer became mobile, self-aware, and violently triggered by Paul #Pelosi.

#politics #pedantry

Oct 28, 2022

Someone needs to show the male on-air talent on #CNN how to tie a proper Windsor knot. These crooked ties have to go.

#pedantry #tv

Nov 23, 2020

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