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At Microsoft asses come in versions.

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May 19

Overzealous app design patterns for mouse hover modals, tips, and cards frequently cause user frustration by obscuring the items with which a user wants to interact. I see this all the time in everything from websites to software development IDEs. The solution? Exercise restraint and add options to disable these hover actions.

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Feb 13

Prioritizing Software Features

Being a pragmatist when it comes to software development, I generally prefer simple solutions whenever possible. So when clients are faced with the challenge of determining which features to add to their products, as a starting point I usually recommend looking at user value versus cost to implement.

Given a progressive value scale from a “cup of coffee” at the low end and a “house” at the high end, we can easily see where the best choices lie.

Looking at the first row in this example, if a user values a feature at “house” and your cost to implement is a “cup of coffee” this feature addition becomes a no-brainer.

Likewise if a user values a feature at a “cup of coffee” but it will cost a “house” to build, it's certainly a feature to avoid implementing.

There may be some diamonds in the center blue area, but more information is usually required before we make those decisions.

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Oct 15, 2023

#Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac only has .NET 8 and Maui preview support in the release version of VS, not the preview version, which also has a lower version number.

I don't think they know what “Preview” means.

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Jul 16, 2023

Mac Pro Tip: When copying a git repository directory to your network file server using rsync, try this:

rsync -brtlvP --chmod=Fu+w --delete-before Code/MyProject/ /Volumes/MyServer/Code/MyProject/

This will copy the files with timestamps but no other attributes, and will also give the file owner (you) full access rights. This ensures that you (or even Windows users with access rights) can overwrite the directory contents later because local read-only files (e.g. in the .git directory) won't be read-only on the server. You can also change the chmod option to customize the rights, like ensuring everyone has full control.

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Jun 14, 2023

The recent change to Google Chrome that removes the option to accept a self-signed certificate is another reason developers need a system-wide “Developer Mode” that removes these barriers erected for the normies. It's hard to code with Google, Microsoft, Apple, et al. holding one of my hands all day.

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Jun 12, 2023

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