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Democrats don’t need to smuggle illegal immigrants into the US to grow their voter base. Republicans do it for them every time they take away more of our rights.

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Apr 14

The juice has expired.

O.J. Simpson, legendary football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76
O.J. Simpson, legendary football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76


Apr 11

Seeing the sun completely eclipsed by the clouds was a life-changing moment.


Apr 9

I’ve got news for you: that Long Island Medium is not a real medium. She’s a large.


Apr 8

Talking about someone behind their back makes no sense. Behind your back is in front of you. So they’ll totally know what you’re saying about them.


Apr 8

Minimalism is a scam created by Big Small to sell more less.


Apr 4

If you're sitting in public and a stranger takes the seat next to you, just stare straight ahead and say, “Did you bring the money?”


Apr 3

I can't tell you how many times the “Today In History” section of has totally discombobulated me. It takes me at least an hour to recombobulate.


Apr 2

Maybe we can solve this Holy Water shortage by just having the Pope bless the ocean. Bonus: we’d also solve the problem with vampires attacking people at the beach.


Apr 1

What’s the name of that song about girls with fat bottoms that influence earth’s rotation?


Mar 30

What is your favorite song about someone who weaves dreams that can get people through a bad night?


Mar 28

Did you know that McDonald’s also sells laxatives?


Mar 23

Is your cat a chonk?


Mar 20

Super astronomy nerd joke right here.


Mar 20

If the Oak Island team ever finds treasure it will probably be a cache of ox shoes and cribbing spikes.


Mar 20

Shel Silverstein predicted Chat-GPT in 1981.


Mar 15


Mar 8

Run Ollama In The Menu Bar On macOS With Custom Host Bindings

By default ollama runs on the localhost IP address of But if you want to host it on macOS somewhere else, it requires a system-wide environment variable change. The developers of ollama recommend running this command, and then relaunching ollama:

launchctl setenv OLLAMA_HOST ""

This works great! If you want to run this automatically at startup you can use a small AppleScript to create an application, and then add that application to your Login Items.

First, open Script Editor and paste the following code:

do shell script "launchctl setenv OLLAMA_HOST \"\""
tell application "Ollama" to run

This will bind all IP addresses to ollama and then launch it. Obviously, you can bind any specific IP address you like.

Next, in the File menu use the Export command to create an Application that is signed to run locally. Quit Script Editor and then put the new application in your Applications folder.

Finally, search for “Login Items” in System Settings. Remove any existing Ollama application from the list, and add your application.

Now when you restart and sign in, your application will launch, set the environment variable for the host binding, launch Ollama, and quit.

#YOUREWELCOME #Apple #macOS #code #tech #ai

Mar 2

So if IVF embryos are legally considered children can we claim them as dependents on our taxes? Can we do this every year since they never physically age? Do they legally age each year giving them the right to vote in 18 years? If they were implanted after 20 years would they qualify for social security at age 35? I have questions.

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Feb 29

Sometimes I think that parents send infuriating MAGA texts to their kids just to get a text message from them between holidays.

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Feb 26

MAGA is a dirty word. It’s a word that requires blind support for Trump; leave your critical thinking skills at the door. Bend to your confirmation bias. As Trump once said at a Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Kansas City, Mo, “don’t believe what you’re reading or seeing”. And his credulous supporters are happy to oblige. It’s madness.

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Feb 25

And small hams.

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Feb 25

It looks like we’re on-track to have VGER come back with so much research data that it will inadvertently destroy the earth.

NASA's Voyager probe stopped communicating. There's no quick fix.
NASA's Voyager probe stopped communicating. There's no quick fix.

#startrek #scifi #humor #science

Feb 24

As a software developer, when I hear the term “alpha male” I think these males must be unstable, missing important features, ridden with flaws, and not fit for public use.

#tech #pedantry #humor

Feb 21

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