Configure Espresso 2 to Syntax Highlight Sass Files

Modifying the OS X app Espresso 2 to support syntax highlighting of Sass files is an easy chore. All you need to do is modify the existing CSS plugin to recognize the Sass file extensions ‘sass’ and ‘scss’. Once you make these simple edits, just restart Espresso 2 and you’re good to go!

Mom’s Meat Sauce

This recipe is my version of my mother’s meat sauce. It’s a serious comfort food. The flavor is pure and lightly seasoned, and the richness added by the broth and meats is heavenly. This is best served over thick spaghetti cooked al dente. And don’t forget the Italian bread!

Michael’s Pistachio Pesto Sauce

This sauce is probably my signature dish, of sorts. I’ve been making it for a long time. It’s an uncooked concoction of classic Italy with a twist of my own. It’s the best pesto sauce I’ve ever eaten. Anywhere. A little goes a long way.

Michael Argentini

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