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This is actually a huge deal for both AI AND the environment.

Researchers upend AI status quo by eliminating matrix multiplication in LLMs
Researchers upend AI status quo by eliminating matrix multiplication in LLMs

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Jun 26

Run Ollama In The Menu Bar On macOS With Custom Host Bindings

By default ollama runs on the localhost IP address of But if you want to host it on macOS somewhere else, it requires a system-wide environment variable change. The developers of ollama recommend running this command, and then relaunching ollama:

launchctl setenv OLLAMA_HOST ""

This works great! If you want to run this automatically at startup you can use a small AppleScript to create an application, and then add that application to your Login Items.

First, open Script Editor and paste the following code:

do shell script "launchctl setenv OLLAMA_HOST \"\""
tell application "Ollama" to run

This will bind all IP addresses to ollama and then launch it. Obviously, you can bind any specific IP address you like.

Next, in the File menu use the Export command to create an Application that is signed to run locally. Quit Script Editor and then put the new application in your Applications folder.

Finally, search for “Login Items” in System Settings. Remove any existing Ollama application from the list, and add your application.

Now when you restart and sign in, your application will launch, set the environment variable for the host binding, launch Ollama, and quit.

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Mar 2

Given all the chaos surrounding the Sam Altman firing from OpenAI it looks like AI really is threatening people’s jobs. Well, specific people anyway.

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Nov 22, 2023

StackOverflow has introduced Labs, an enhanced developer experience that uses AI to streamline the process of insulting and demeaning people looking for help.

Stack Overflow Labs - Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow Labs - Stack Overflow

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Jun 20, 2023

Generative #AI platforms like #OpenAI #ChatGPT and DALL-E have both excited and terrified information workers. But #Amazon #Bedrock might be the one service that truly revolutionizes Internet platforms by offering a more broad AI solution that does it all, integrated with #AWS.

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Foundation Model API Service – Amazon Bedrock – AWS
Foundation Model API Service – Amazon Bedrock – AWS

Apr 15, 2023

How will narrow AI technologies like #ChatGPT, #StableDiffusion, and others, affect jobs in the next decade and beyond? Will it replace human workers? No. It's more likely that humans using narrow #AI tools will replace other humans who do not.

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Feb 27, 2023

Every tech company is trying to come up with an AI strategy for 2023. We already know the answer: tack “AI powered” next to every existing product feature or service offering name.

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Jan 26, 2023

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